Oyo State Chapter Leader

Oluwayemisi Atobatele is the founder of YKG Farms, an agribusiness in Nigeria which focuses on producing healthy natural flours like plantain flour, Yam flour, Cocoyam flour etc. A native of Osun state, Nigeria but born and bred in Lagos, Nigeria. Oluwayemisi received her Bsc (Ed) in Computer Science from The Premier University of Education in Nigeria, Tai Solarin University of Education, Ijagun, Ogun state. Suffice to say, she is a born and trained teacher and have been practicing since 2008, right before she went into the university. Oluwayemisi has been exposed to the business world since the age of 10 and started making money for herself as a teenager while assisting a family member with her business in the popular Eko market, Lagos Island, Nigeria.


Her passion to help solve the problem of diabetes which was a common disease amongst close family members led her into plantain farming and plantain flour production in 2019.. months and years later, she has successfully collaborated with local farmers in her community to produce various healthy foods. Various studies have shown that plantain flour contains properties that helps to prevent and manage diabetes. Since 2019, she has helped hundreds of families feed on healthy foods within and outside of Nigeria. 


She has also empowered women and youths with their startups through her wholesale deals, within and outside of Nigeria too. One of her dreams is to have people live longer and happier through the foods they consume because many illnesses can be prevented with the right diet. Another of her long life dreams is to have tuition free schools, up until the university level. She has passion for children having access to good and quality education irrespective of their family backgrounds.


Oluwayemisi is dedicated and passionate about online business as she has been making impacts through various trainings which are mostly free. Her vision for her business is to help reduce the rate at which Africans particularly sub-saharan Africans are groaning under the prevalence of diabetes, and to do that, she wants to ensure there’s a pack of plantain flour in every home in Africa. Oluwayemisi is open to business collaborations from different health sectors and individuals.

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