Ogun State Chapter Leader

Mrs Titilayo Adegbuji is a dedicated figure in the agricultural sector. As a leading advocate for women’s development, she has played a significant role in promoting and empowering women in agriculture within the region.
She developed a passion for agriculture from a young age and now skilled in animal husbandry (poultry, fish and ruminants) with over 20 years of experience 
With several trainings in Agriculture, Her dedication and hard work led her to various leadership positions in the agricultural sector, including being the coordinator of the Ogun State chapter of Tammy’s International Women in AgricultureEmpowerment Association which she joined in 2021 where she has been instrumental in driving the organization’s mission to empower women in agriculture. 
In her personal life, she is a devoted wife, mother and Christian, often balancing her responsibilities. She is an inspiration to many, both within the organization and beyond, and continues to work tirelessly to create a better future for women in agriculture in Ogun State and beyond..
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