Malawi Chapter Leader

Jacqueline Joyreen Banda, Malawichapter leader Tiwaea, is a Bachelor holder of Business Administration from APG Shimla University in India founded Jeyie Foods in 2019 to add value to agriculture by processing chili sauce, peanut butter, and porridge flour. 
She helped her malnourished cousin regain health using her peanut butter, leading to the establishment of the Jeyie Foods Community Project. The project has supported 317 children and 119 pregnant women since July 2021, and is currently working with 216 women and 128 youth. Jacqueline introduced Village Savings and Loans (VSL) in December 2021, resulting in 10 VSL groups saving $4750 in 2022.
The project also encourages women to have backyard gardens for holistic health and productivity.
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