Kenya Chapter Leader

Caroline is a finance expert deeply committed to advancing sustainable agricultural practices in agroecology. She is also a Youth Agri Champion at the Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens whereby she actively advocates about the importance of adopting Climate Adaptation strategies which are key in combating the adverse effects of climate change.

She also heads the Gender and women inclusion department at Silo Africa whose main mission is to transform grain storage in Africa to eliminate post-harvest losses using digitized grain silos, and ensure the food reaches where it’s needed most through our Smart Ag Logistics platform.

Drawing on her expertise in Agroecology, Carol applies her knowledge to support and implement climate-smart agricultural practices aimed at climate adaptation in farming communities in her locality.

She has actively engaged with local women’s groups, schools, and the wider community to promote and establish organic kitchen gardens, emphasizing the importance of environmentally friendly farming techniques.

Through her dedicated efforts, Carol not only encourages the adoption of organic practices but also educates and empowers women in her community to become self-sufficient in food production for better livelihoods while mitigating environmental impacts.

Carol believes that safe food is a fundamental human right. Every human being has a right to good clean fair food.

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