Ghana Chapter Leader

I am Patience Worlali Kpeda, serving as the Chief Technical Officer at the Ministry of Food and Agriculture. My academic background includes a degree in Agriculture Extension, a Diploma in Sustainable Gardening, and completion of a Mastercard course on Climate Smart Agriculture.

I am honored to have received the Bronze Award from Dr. Renuka in the Global Sustainability Futures. As a member of C.A.S.T.N.E.T and African Women in Beekeeping,The Ghanaian chapter for TIWAEA-AFRICA I am deeply involved in initiatives promoting sustainable agriculture and women’s empowerment. I founded the Post-Harvest Women Foundation, driven by my passion for both agriculture and women’s advancement. Throughout my career, I have cultivated strong communication skills, embraced volunteerism, and maintained unwavering focus, enabling me to excel in diverse aspects of my field.

I have taken on leadership roles in various projects, demonstrating my ability to oversee initiatives from inception to fruition. My overarching goal is to spearhead Climate Change initiatives on a continental scale, addressing agricultural challenges within my country and beyond. I am dedicated to empowering women’s organizations through initiatives such as organic gardening and climate-smart agricultural education.

Committed to going above and beyond for farmers, I firmly believe in the transformative potential of female leadership in fostering positive change. For me, agriculture is not just a profession—it is a passion, and food is the essence of agriculture.

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