Akwa Ibom State Chapter Leader

Lydia Thompson is a dynamic individual with a commendable track record in both research and entrepreneurship. Her career is marked by a commitment to leveraging technology for innovative solutions, particularly in the agribusiness sector.



Lydia actively engages in the research and development of transformative solutions, notably contributing to the creation of an AI-integrated business management software for the agribusiness industry. This initiative demonstrates her deep understanding of technological advancements and a dedication to addressing complex challenges in the sector.



As a co-founder, Lydia spearheads the development of Agripally, an all-encompassing agribusiness management software. Her entrepreneurial spirit is evident in this endeavor, showcasing not only a capacity for innovation but also strategic thinking in identifying and addressing market needs.



In her role as a co-founder, Lydia has exhibited strong leadership qualities. This includes taking charge of a senior role in the development of Agripally, highlighting her ability to guide a team, make critical decisions, and navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship.


Innovation and Problem-Solving:

Lydia’s involvement in the creation of an EdTech solution and an integrated agribusiness management software underscores her commitment to leveraging technology for practical problem-solving. These initiatives showcase her capacity for innovation and a hands-on approach to addressing challenges.


Strategic Vision:

The development of a predictive analytics component within Agripally indicates Lydia’s strategic vision. This addition reflects not only an understanding of industry trends but also a commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions to users.


Collaborative Approach:

Lydia has consistently exhibited a collaborative approach by seeking partnerships and collaborations with agribusinesses and AI experts. This collaborative spirit indicates her understanding of the value of industry insights and a commitment to creating solutions in consultation with relevant stakeholders.


In conclusion, Lydia Thompson’s track record is characterized by a strong blend of research acumen and entrepreneurial drive. Her involvement in the development of technology-driven solutions, leadership in entrepreneurial endeavors, innovation, strategic vision, and collaborative efforts position her as a valuable contributor to projects that require a dynamic and forward-thinking approach.

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