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Agricultural outreach for the girl-child

Helping over 120K Women in Africa

Welcome to TIWAEA

TIWAEA stands for Tammy's International Women in Agriculture Empowerment Association. It is the Nigeria, Africa Chapter of the National Women in Agriculture Association(NWIAA) USA, the largest non-profit Women Association in Agriculture in the World, committed to providing agricultural training, education, empowerment, and improving the agricultural productivity and sustainability of small-scale farmers in Nigeria and other African countries. TIWAEA ensures equality, diversity, and sustainable opportunities for women farmers and at-risk youth in Nigeria and throughout Africa.
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What we do

Our passion is to provide empowerment to the next generation of Women/Youths in rural, urban and underserved communities throughout the United States of America, Nigeria, Africa and other parts of world. NWIAA/TIWAEA have attracted much local and International attention.
It is our hope that you will join us on our mission to provide women/youths and even men with the opportunity to not only put healthy, homegrown food on the table but to succeed in agriculture even to the point of becoming an “agri-diva” If you are interested in becoming more self-sufficient, food secured, or if your passion is to begin your business in agriculture, please contact us today, and we will educate and  empower you to make your goals a reality!


Our Vision

To provide vital opportunities for rural and urban communities so as to equip them for tomorrow while engaging them in today, and to make investments within society which will help move the Nigeria, Africa toward an authentic and sustainable future with food security.

Our Mission

To save lives and eliminate poverty by increasing the availability of fresh, locally grown foods, while expanding economic opportunities.

Agricultural Outreach For The Girl-child

Agricultural outreach for girl-child is an initiative aimed at empowering girls in rural areas to participate in agricultural activities. The concept is to address the gender gap in agriculture and promote gender equality by empowering girls with knowledge and skills to engage in farming activities.

Our Core Values





We are the first minority woman-owned and operated organization that provides innovative outreach education that attracts and sustains current and future generations with its innovative, spiritual, and USDA certified education techniques.

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